At Studio 29, we strive to provide our clients with quality service and innovative design solutions.  The diversity evident in our work stems from an underlying curiosity about an array of architectural styles and building types.  This curiosity coupled with 25+ years experience allows us to explore beyond preconceived notions and search out the solutions unique to each project.

The answers to the following questions combined with the unique aspects of each project invariably lead somewhere different every time.


  • Why do some architectural styles endure while others do not?

  • What combination of forms, elements, materials and colors resonate?

  • How do specific elements of a given style affect a building's mood or ambiance?

  • What compositional system will achieve balance?  Balance between light and dark, positive and negative, vertical and horizontal?


  • What affect do building and zoning codes have on a projects height, area and construction type?

  • What spatial relationships make a program function?

  • How does context affect a design solution?

  • What are the building specific mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems, and how do they affect building design?
  • How does budget affect program, design and schedule?

Building projects in remote locations comes with a unique set of challenges.  As locals, we've developed effective long distance communication procedures and effective relationships with local agencies and businesses.


Building projects in remote locations comes with a unique set of challenges.  As locals, we've developed effective long distance communication procedures and effective relationships with local agencies and businesses.


We take full advantage of today’s technology to virtually eliminate the need for client and consultant travel.  The financial impact is significant.

  • Internet meeting – allow us to present and interact with people in as many as 50 different locations simultaneously.

  • Tablet computer - meeting participants can interact live with digital presentations (sketch, erase, overlay, etc.)

  • Cloud storage – current client documents are accessible anytime anywhere.
  • Live mobile video streaming – project team can 'meet' on-site from anywhere.

  • Site webcams – keep tabs on construction progress any time.


Working in remote locations for over 25 years has provided invaluable insight into the business of efficiently shepherding projects to successful completion.  Productive long standing relationships with local agencies and businesses are at the core of this capacity.

  • Local building department staff and proceedures
  • Professional consultants

  • Contractors and subcontractors

  • Material and equipment suppliers

  • Utility providers



Christopher Rost, AIA, B. Arch.


With over 30 years in the building industry, Chris has been involved in a wide variety of building types including hotels, multi-family, mixed-use, libraries, banks, office buildings and custom homes.

In 2001, after 6 months in the South Pacific working as volunteers, Chris and his family moved to Southern California where he worked as a senior design associate with a firm in Newport Beach, CA.  In 2006, they relocated to beautiful Orcas Island and founded Studio 29.

His work has been featured in local and national publications as well as the Home and Garden Television Network.  His work has also garnered recognition from building industry organizations including “Best Home of the Year” from the Major Achievement in Marketing Excellence (MAME) group.


Bachelor or Architecture (five year accredited degree).  University of Idaho, 1989

 Professional Affiliations

1993-Current     Licensed Architect – Washington State

1993-Current     American Institute of Architects

2006-Current    Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce

2006                 Orcas Center, board of directors


Carol J. Rost, M. Ed.

Principal/Project Manager

After teaching for ten years in a variety of elementary and middle school science positions, Carol founded Studio 29 with her husband in 2006.  Prior to moving to Orcas Island, Carol worked as the science coordinator for the Irvine California School District.  Carol’s classroom, parent and staff management skills are an invaluable asset to Studio 29’s daily operations.

Her responsibilities include office and project management, zoning and building code research and consultant and permit coordination.


Masters of Education (emphasis on primary and special education).  University of Washington, 1996

Bachelors of Science, Forestry (emphasis in outdoor education).  University of Washington, 1990

University of Washington women’s Pac 10 champion basketball team (full scholarship).  1986-90

Professional Associations

1995-Current     Teacher’s Certificate

2006-Current    Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce