SINCE 1991

At Studio 29, we strive to provide our clients with quality service and innovative design solutions.  The diversity evident in our work stems from an underlying curiosity about an array of architectural styles and building types.  This curiosity coupled with 25+ years experience allow us to explore beyond preconceived notions and search out the solution unique to each project.

The answers to the following questions combined with the unique aspects of each project invariably lead somewhere different every time.



  • Why do some architectural styles endure while others do not?

  • What combination of forms, elements, materials and colors resonate?

  • How do specific elements of a given style affect a building's mood or ambiance?

  • What compositional system will achieve balance?  Balance between light and dark, positive and negative, vertical and horizontal?



  • What affect do building and zoning codes have on a projects height, area and construction type?

  • What spatial relationships make a program function?

  • How does context affect a design solution?

  • What are the building specific mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems, and how do they affect building design?
  • How does budget affect program, design and schedule?