Building projects in remote locations comes with a unique set of challenges.  As locals, we've developed effective long distance communication procedures and effective relationships with local agencies and businesses.



We take full advantage of today’s technology to virtually eliminate the need for client and consultant travel.  The financial impact is significant.

  • Internet meeting – allow us to present and interact with people in as many as 50 different locations simultaneously.

  • Tablet computer - meeting participants can interact live with digital presentations (sketch, erase, overlay, etc.)

  • Cloud storage – current client documents are accessible anytime anywhere.
  • Live mobile video streaming – project team can 'meet' on-site from anywhere.

  • Site webcams – keep tabs on construction progress any time.


Working in remote locations for over 25 years has provided invaluable insight into the business of efficiently shepherding projects to successful completion.  Productive long standing relationships with local agencies and businesses are at the core of this capacity.

  • Local building department staff and proceedures
  • Professional consultants

  • Contractors and subcontractors

  • Material and equipment suppliers

  • Utility providers